Metal Detecting Outing at Local Park this coming Saturday Sept 27th and October 4th.

Call shop at 408-262-4653 to find out location.


Sign up early.  

Space is limited for specialty classes


At Treasure Hunters Headquarters, we specialize in Metal Detecting, Prospecting Equipment and Survival Equipment. But we also offer beginner classes for folks just getting started on new hobbies. Our store staff will guide you in the best equipment suited for your needs.

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For years we shared outdoor camping & hiking adventures with family, friends and coworkers whether climbing the cables on 8,843' Half-dome in Yosemite, scuba diving 120' or free diving along the coast for abalone in the cold kelp-filled waters of the Pacific. These avid treasure Hunters enjoy spending their summer vacations prospecting, snorkeling, dredging & detecting gold claims, historic sites and beaches of California, Nevada and Hawaii. Visit our website and showroom and share your adventures and show off your findings to other avid Treasure Hunter Hobbyists!